Step One: in which I briefly choke up over Blake (English lit people do this for loe, what can I say?), and then complete the journal according to the instructions below: 
Step Two: It is fortunate that we live in a time when graduate courses in literature frequently make their students write and/or edit Wikipedia entries on literary topics. We are going to use that to our advantage:.” Next, your job is to write a TV script or synopsis of a scene in which a character, perhaps someone like you, recites all of “Ah! Sunflower,” to suit the occasion of the scene. What is happening in the scene? Is the character consoling a heartbroken friend, warning someone to be less careless, celebrating a victory, or something else? This is an interpretive argument you are making, so do not be too casual in choosing the situation–choose a situation in which the poem provides wisdom, support, or pause for reflection. Bonus points if you manage to include a reference to at least one subsection of the Wikipedia entry on this poem. Word count: 200-300