Discussion Postings

Initial Postings:A professional posting is about 250 to 300 words plus references and must be referenced to something you have researched to support your commentary and evaluation or reflection (i.e., evidence).  For instance, if you are discussing reflection, connect it to some literature on reflection. Typically, you can learn and connect better when you first define a concept. For example, if you select a definition for leadership, and state it/cite source, then the reader has a sense of your starting point. There are many forms of leadership defined in the literature, so it does make a difference (e.g., ethical, authentic, democratic, transformational, servant and more)You can draft your posting in Word format and when you think it is done and ready to post, then cut and paste it directly into the discussion box so we do not have to open it as an attachment.
HERE IS A EXAMPLE OF A POSTING: Example of a professional posting: (the red font is some explanations)E.g., Leadership but the point is about defining terms.Posting #1: Why should we define concepts?Numerous definitions of leadership exist, and numerous authors note the lack of agreement on what leadership is (Ackoff, 1998; Burns, 1978; Burns, 1996; Rost, 1991; Souba, 2010).  Simply put by Duke (1986), Leadership is used as a general description of what leaders do (p. 7), however, this is a rather empty and meaningless explanation of the term.  This would be my critique of what this author wrote.It is interesting to find that Barker (1997) argued that not defining leadership seems to be an accepted practice among scholars who discuss leadership (p. 344). He went on to explain that there is an apparent assumption on the part of writers that those who read their work already know what leadership is.  This is giving some evidence to the point I want to make and indicates I have a useful source in my view.This whole point to be developed from looking at the leadership literature is the need to highlight the importance of defining the concept you are working with. If we are going to discuss terms and concepts, for example, reflective practice in nursing, they must be defined or explained. For example, the term reflection has many meanings not limited to what we see in the mirror.  This shows analysis and further explanation to support the need to define concepts used in writing and then I would explain some more about this.List all the journal articles cited in the document in APA format. Slate does not allow for double spacing so single spacing is permitted in postings.                                                                        ReferencesAckoff, R. L. (1998). A systematic view of transformational leadership. Systemic Practice and Action Research, 11(1), 23-36. Retrieved from https://www.crcresearch.org/files-crcresearch/File/Systemic_Leadership.pdfBarker, R. A. (1997). How can we train leaders if we do not know what leadership is? Human Relations, 50(4), 343-362. Retrieved from https://crcresearch.org/files-crcresearch/File/How_can_we_train_leaders.pdf