Discussion Question

Choose 1 of the following questions and post your answer (50pts). Then respond to two of your classmates’ posts (25pts each). Posts must be substantive to earn credit. Your original answer should be at least 3-5 complete sentences and your responses should be 1-2 complete sentences.

Was the United States justified in using atomic weapons to end WWII in the Pacific?
Is peaceful coexistence possible between Communism and Capitalism?


Although, the dropping of the atomic weapons ended WWII in the Pacific. It is my opinion the United States was not justified in using atomic weapons to end the war.  Many civilian lives were loss and I do understand this occur during wars. Especially when troops move into towns trying to blend in with the towns people. The use of the atomic weapon caused a nuclear fallout. Although  Japan have a large number of troops on the ground they were about to surrender is another reason I believe the use of atomic weapons were not justified.