Discussion Thread: Comparing Groups W8

In the thread for each short-answer discussion, the student will post short answers to the prompted questions.  The answers must demonstrate course-related knowledge and support their assertions with scholarly citations in the latest APA format.  The minimum word count for all short answers cumulatively is 200 words.

For each thread the student must include a title block with your name, class title, date, and the discussion forum number; write the question number and the question title as a level one heading (e.g. D1.1 Variables) and then provide your response; use Level Two headings for multi-part questions (e.g. D1.1 & D1.1.a, D1.1.b, etc.), and include a reference section.

Respond to the following short answer questions from Morgan, Leech, Gloeckner, & Barrett textbook:
D.8.9.6 In Output 9.6: (a) Describe the F, df, and p values for each dependent variable as you would in an article. (b) Describe the results in nontechnical terms for visualization and grades. Use the group means in your description.
D.8.9.7 In Outputs 9.7 a and b, what pairs of means were significantly different?
D.8.9.8 In Output 9.8, interpret the meaning of the sig. values for math achievement and competence. What would you conclude, based on this information, about differences between groups on each of these variables?
D.8.9.9 Compare Outputs 9.6 and 9.8 with regard to math achievement. What are the most important differences and similarities?
D.8.9.10 In Output 9.9: (a) Is the interaction significant? (b) Examine the profile plot of the cell means that illustrates the interaction. Describe it in words. (c) Is the main effect of academic track significant? Interpret the eta squared. (d) How about the effect of math grades? (e) Why did we put the word effect in quotes? (f) Under what conditions would focusing on the main effects be misleading?