Diverse Needs, Trauma, and Stressors Letter to School Board

Students in early childhood settings come from a variety of backgrounds and experiences. Some children will come into the classroom with trauma, behavioral problems, family situations, and health issues. Early childhood educators must understand these circumstances, as well as early childhood stressors, in order to approach these concerns with compassion and understanding.
Research the topic of trauma in early childhood and its effects on children in the classroom. Based on your findings, prepare a 800 word letter to the school board presenting a case to create professional development opportunities for teachers to become informed and knowledgeable on how to deal with trauma and stressors in their classrooms.
Include the following:Examples of trauma and stressors early childhood students experienceEffects of early childhood trauma and stressors on child development and classroom behaviorRationale for training educators to deal with trauma in the classroom, considering the needs of both the students and the teacherA minimum of two research-based strategies that assist educators in dealing with trauma and stressors in students