doctrinal concept of blitzkrieg

For your first essay, please compose a three or four page paper on the doctrinal concept of blitzkrieg, the mechanized form of warfare embraced by the German military at the beginning of World War II.  In your essay, be sure to address the following aspects in your coverage:
–what made blitzkrieg different from the warfare of World War I
–who is credited with developing blitzkrieg in the inter-war era
–what limitations did blitzkrieg encounter when used in actual combat from 1939 to 1941
Please employ Times New Roman font, 12 or 14 point.  Use single spacing in writing out your paragraphs.  Include footnotes and a bibliography, both in appropriate Chicago Manual of Style (CMS) format.  Employ a minimum of four verifiable sources in your bibliography.  Such sources include published books, journal articles, and certain online sources beyond Wikipedia and other encyclopedia sites.  For CMS citation examples, visit their Quick Reference Guide.
The due time/date is before the final stroke of midnight on September 9th.