Documentary Analysis Submission

Students will choose one of the three documentary films about controversial political issues in the United States and other countries. In this analysis, students must answer to the one question: How would Leo Strauss respond to this particular political issue, and how would you justify your analysis? A good review is expected to be 1500-1600 words (NOT counting quoted passages). In your review, you must include (1) The main thesis of the documentary (or, what this documentary is about?); (2) Brief summary of the documentary; (3) Analysis of the documentary, responding to the aforementioned question; (4) Overall impression/evaluation of the documentary’s theme or contents. Your reviews must have a college-level essay structure: Title, Introduction, Body, and Conclusion. Be advised that this is a four-year college class and thus all students are assumed to be able to analyze sensitive topics and watch graphic details that may be disturbing to some. The three listed documentaries are: (1) Documenting Hate: New American Nazis (PBS); (2) China Undercover (PBS); (3) Seeing is Believing (VPRO)
To adequately support their thesis and analyses, students must at least four or more different readings/videos from Session 1 to Session 5. Just to list, paraphrase, or summarize passages without further analysis/interpretation will not be counted. You may use references outside of the syllabus, but only academic articles and books are permitted. A separate title page and bibliography must be attached. APA style format is required. Your analysis must be submitted in a MS word file format. Double-space, 1 inch margin all sides, 12-point Times New Roman. The violation of this format will cost you a 10-point penalty. Specify the total word count at the end of the essay.