Documentary Response Assignment: Guernica Start Assignment

Watch the Guernica documentary available on Canvas under the New Deal Module and then answer the following set of questions. Answer the questions completely and with full sentences.


How does Picasso’s painting, ‘Boy with a Horse’ put on display his rejection of classical portraiture in service of the ruling powers, like a King? How does he do the same with classical ideas of beauty in painting and art generally?
What is the main subject matter occupying the picture space of Picasso’s paintings during the 1920s? How does this subject matter/ content contrast with the work of artists like George Grosz during the same period in Germany?
Why was there so much tension in the social and political landscape of the Spanish Republic leading up to the civil war, which erupted in 1936; where did the sources of this tension lie?
How does the narrator choose to interpret Picasso’s etching from 1935, ‘Minotauromachy’ and what is the significance of the young girl holding up her candle?
At the outset of the civil war, what does Picasso do to signal his support of the Spanish Republic and mark his transition to a more politically active artist and art?
Picasso’s ‘Guernica’ was originally imagined in several different ways, the artist created several sketches and studies for the final piece – What are some of the images that he does away with; and how does this affect the mood or emotional quality of the final piece?
 What is the significance of Picasso’s last gesture, with the assistance of Dora Maar, towards finishing the monumental canvas of the ‘Guernica’: filling the horses contorted form with rows of vertical dashes?
How was ‘Guernica’ originally received by critics and the general public when exhibited at the Paris International Exhibition in 1937?
Why do you think that the narrator includes this last bit about the so-called ‘after-life’ of ‘Guernica’ and the instance at the U.S. Security Council meeting, when the tapestry reproduction was covered up for the purposes of a live news-cast?