Domestic Violence against Black Women

1. First Drafts must be complete, i.e. 4,000 words that includes an introduction with thesis statement & structure of your paper, Body of your paper that includes an assessment of the scholarly literature as pertains to your research topic, fully developed argument based on your research and Thesis Statement, and Conclusion.
2. All citations are in footnotes according to Chicago Style, 17th Edition. You MUST cite all information that is NOT your own analysis!

3. Include a bibliography with your paper (this does NOT count towards your 4,000 word count) divided into two sections: Primary Sources & Secondary Sources with each section organized alphabetically.

4. Don’t use quotations from secondary sources, paraphrase/summarize in your own words and then cite where you got the information from in a footnote.

5. Quotations ARE allowed from primary sources, BUT use quotations judiciously as they pertain directly to substantiating your argument. Also all primary sources quotations MUST be accompanied by analysis, i.e. an explanation of how the quote pertains to your argument.