Hello this assisgnment is to respond to my peer discussion below.

Strategies for Professional Portfolios
An electronic portfolio is more useable and more useful in todays society. A paper one is great for the nurses own reference point and to keep duplicates of important things. But in terms of reaching a potential employer for example, it is better to have something that they can peruse without the temporal delay of needing to make real-time contact with you or call you for information. On platforms such as LinkedIn one way to include the traditional components would be simply to add your resume as pdf since the structure of the platform is not modifiable by preference. By doing this the viewer can view the portfolio online or print out a physical copy. This takes into consideration the learning preferences of the viewer as well as caters to their convenience.
I prefer a more customizable social platform such as Instagram (IG) where I can take time to craft my aesthetic and curate the feel the person will get when they look me up. It is less convenient for the employer, but images make a greater impact than words. Additionally, my overall goal is to have my own family practice versus being employed. So given this, Im thinking that I want my potential patients to get a certain impression of me. On my professional IG I would have my main information in my bio with links to my LinkedIn and practice website. But I will also post selfies of me at certain influential conferences and even photos of me at graduation, These will be timestamped and give subconscious understanding of my experience which will be them validated by my resume. There will be photos of me with patients if they consent, me with my kids, me cooking healthy foods or working out, my garden or out hiking in the woods. These are just examples, but the focus of my electronic portfolio would be to get people to know who I am not just what I know.
Waldens Mission for social change is to provide a diverse community of career professionals with the opportunity to transform themselves as scholar-practitioners so that they can effect positive social change. One of my social change goals as a health care provider is to inspire and educate as many people as possible to lead a healthy lifestyle and prevent disease rather than to start acting on their health after they are sick. This aligns with Waldens goal because as a Caribbean-born practitioner, my sphere of influence will penetrate deeper into my culture and affect change, giving back to where I come from.
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