drama critical essay

Answer the following short-answer questions. Make sure you write the correct number of words for each answer. From the play “A Doll House”
1. Discuss the significance of the nicknames Torvald has for Nora.  Be certain to use the example from the play that validates the use of the specific nickname you refer to. You must include three different nicknames in separate scenarios from the play. (Be sure to write at least 150 words)
2. When we first see Nora, she is sneaking macaroons, and references to these cookies appear throughout the play. Describe the significance of the macaroons as they relate to Nora’s character and to Nora’s relationship with Torvald. Does her obsession with macaroons indicate she is immature or rebellious? Include two specific instances where macaroons appear in the context of the play. (Be sure to write at least 150 words)
3. In this play, Nora is perceived as a weak character. In the short story, “The Birth-Mark” Georgiana is also perceived as weak.
Explain in at least 150 words how these two women are similar. Provide two characteristics of these women that show they are alike. You can list the characteristics like this:
Then, write a paragraph explaining how Nora and Georgiana are alike in two ways. Support your characteristics from valid examples from the play and short story.
4.In this play, Torvald is perceived as intelligent, successful, and egotistical.  All of these characteristics can be good or bad…..depending.  There is a previous character in “The Lady with the Dog” that is similar to Torvald:  Gurov.  Gurov was intelligent, successful, and egotistical.
Explain in at least 150 words how Torvald and Gurov are intelligent, successful, and egotistical. Use valid examples from the play and the short story to support these three characteristics in your paragraph.