Discuss your observations on the movie Do the Right Thing 1989 Spike Lee
Here are some discussion ideas:

Spike Lee creates a unique look and sound for his depiction of New York City.  NYC looks very different in Do the Right Thing than it does in films like Coppola’s The Godfather, Scorcese’s Taxi Driver, Parks’ Shaft, Lumet’s Serpico, and Friedkin’s The French Connection.  What is Lee’s NYC like?   and   What cinematic techniques does he use to achieve it?

Lee creates a neighborhood of unique individuals, and he brings out their singularity and distinctness even if we only get to spend a few minutes with each of them here and there.  What cinematic techniques does he use to achieve this sense of his characters’ unique individuality?  Discuss the cinematography, casting, design, directing, writing, and music choices that make these characters come alive.

Lee is a strong screenwriter with a personal view of this Brooklyn neighborhood.  What is in his screenplay that particularly brings the neighborhood to life?  and  What’s unique about his writing style?

Does this film have any similarities to any of the other films we’ve watched this semester?  Identify the similarities and explain what you think is significant about those similarities.

Why do you think Mookie threw the trash can through the window of the pizzeria?  and  Why do you think Lee chose two quotes with opposing points of view to post onscreen at the ending of the film?  and  Do you think anyone “does the right thing” in this film?

Any other observations you had about the film?