Early Childhood Education (birth to eight) in Arizona

 APA 7TH EDITION FOR THE WHOLE POWERPOINT DOUBLE CHECKREFERENCE FOR THIS (slides can be in single space but flow and structure inAPA)
The Introduction slide of the POWERPOINT
1.   Reflect on early care and education programsand program administration.
2.   Reflect on what you have learned about theimportance of the early years and the various types and quality of earlychildhood programs that are available. 
3.   Reflect also on the directors role in thedevelopment and implementation of these programs.
For this assignment, you will create a PowerPoint presentation toshare with families new to your community, explaining local early childhoodprograms and their administration:
Explore early childhood program models within your community or ina neighboring community.
Report on three different types of program models by describing the majorcharacteristics of each type of program. Be sure to include three of thefollowing models in your presentation: YOU WILL NEED TO LOOK THESE PROGRAMSUP

Early Head Start
 Head Start
 Even Start

Within your presentation, be sure to address the following:

Describe the theory and/or curriculum used in the program.
Discuss characteristics of quality early care and education common to each type of program presented.
Identify differences among the programs presented.
Explore ways in which the role of the director would be like each program.

       Incorporate appropriate animations, transitions,and graphics
       Speaker notes for each slide. The speakernotes may be comprised of brief paragraphs or bulleted lists. NO CRAZY COLORS OR DESIGNS
Support your presentation with at least four scholarly resources. 
Length: 8-slides (with a separate reference slide andcover page)