Earth Science Where You Live

What does Earth Science reveal about Colorado Springs through time? This research paper will provide you with an opportunity to learn more about where you live. In your report, be sure to cover the following topics:

The geography of Colorado Springs  where it is located on Earth, what the topography is like (major mountains, lakes, etc.), and what surface processes are currently shaping it (rivers, ocean waves, etc.)
The plate tectonic setting of Colorado Springs  where you are located relative to plate boundaries, and what tectonic processes are active in your region (earthquakes, volcanoes, etc.)
The geologic story of Colorado Springs  what rocks and minerals are found there, and what stories they tell about how your place has changed over geologic time. (For instance, was it once the site of an ocean or sea? If so, what evidence is there for that, and when did it happen?)
The weather and climate Colorado Springs  what the climate is like where you live, what extreme weather your area experiences, what effects of global climate change your place is already experiencing, what the projected impacts of climate change on your home place may beand what is currently being done, if anything, to address these challenges.

Your final paper should meet the following requirements:

6-8 pages in length (does not include title page, reference page, visual elements)
8-10 credible outside sources
4-6 visual elements that contribute to your paper (your own photographs particularly encouraged)