Easy Flower: Flowers Meet Business and Technology

Approximately 1500 words: 4-5 pages, plus cover and reference page.
1- Identify any public company (or a private company in which you have access to financial information) for which you have the knowledge and /or interest in performing research
Address each of the six components in the following outline is a well-written in APA-style paper. The paper should include a proper APA title page and reference page as well as in-text citations. The narrative should be approximately 1400 words and 4-5 double-spaced pages in 12 point, times new roman font, and a minimum of 8 references.
A– Describe the business and the industry in which it rests including products, size, history, future prospects, and its global breadth.
Approx 250 words 2-3 paragraphs 2 citations
B– What factors impact supply and demand for the company? How will prices be set? Be sure to consider the costs to bring the product(s) to market.
Approx 350 words 3-5 paragraphs 2 citations
C– What macroeconomic events including government policy would impact this business favorably and unfavorably, why?
Approx 200 words 2-3 paragraphs 1 citation
D– Describe and critique its marketing strategy.
Address the 4 Ps:

Place (Distribution) Supply Chain
Price. Connect the marketing strategy of price with economic factors. Discuss the challenge of balancing the two.
Product- Consider product differentiation, planned obsolescence, innovation, product life cycle.

Approx 400 words 4-5 paragraphs 2 citations
E- Review the companys financial statements and critique its balance sheet structure. Is the companys financial position a strategic competitive advantage or disadvantage?
Approx350 words 2-3 paragraphs 1 citation
F- Summary
Frame the company in a SWOT analysis

Final Paper Rubric
Address Each of the 6 Components –
Describe the Business 3 pts
Supply & Demand 2 pts
Macro Econ 2 pts
Marketing 2 pts
Finance 2 pts
Summary 3 pts
Well Written 4 pts
Citations 2 pts
Total 20 pts