Ecofemenism Dr Vandana Shiva

Please watch the following video : Vandana Shiva Two Paths to the future of food and farming. 

Answer the question bellow, you don’t need to re write the questions just the numbers. 

1.Please discuss the three common principals [of the path of justice and sustainability] that Dr. Shiva talks
     1. Diversity vs. monocultures
      2. Law of return vs. return on investment
      3. Sharing the earth’s gifts in the commons vs.    private ownership

2.Please discuss the extractive empire and deaths from famine that resulted from it in India and the invention of joint stock companies [original corporations] of no liability or limited liability

3.Please discuss what the economy of rent collection is and how it works.

4.What is the zero budget logic?

5.Please discuss how Dr. Shiva frames the basis of the Immigration crisis.

6.Please discuss small farms vs giant industrial farms, what percentage of the food come from each and what percentage of the resources does each use?

7.Please discuss the five companies that control food and health.

8.According to Dr. Shiva what is “fake food”, “fake economics” and “fake knowledge” and what their relationship to one another is.

9.Please discuss terra nullius and bio nullius relation it’s relation to colonization.