Ecological footprint analysis a useful tool for tracking human sustainability progress or eco- foolishness?

Paper can take many forms but are often most effective when they are either expository and/or
present a persuasive argument for or against a position. When drawing on the literature and building
arguments your paper should:

Accurately interpret evidence, statements, graphics, or questions that are raised,

Identify salient arguments,

Thoughtfully analyse and evaluate alternative perspectives,

Draw warranted, judicious, and non-fallacious conclusions,

Justify key observations or results and explain assumptions behind reasoning,

Fair-mindedly follow where evidence and reason lead,

Be well composed – accurate spelling and appropriate grammar occur throughout; the argument
is clear; language is appropriate (i.e., avoid meaningless jargon and colloquialisms), and

Appropriately and completely support arguments with references.
Finally, paper is stronger when it contributes to our understanding of a topic – observations that transcend the obvious.