Economics Discussion HW

Graphs are important, and not just for economics. They convey, relay, interpret, visualize, support and contradict, explain and explain away many of the things we come across in our daily lives – both personally and professionally.
Take three (3) graphs that you come across (They may NOT be from our textbook or any other textbook) in your everyday life – personal or professional life. Explain to us what each of these three graphs is trying to convey?  Does it convey it effectively?  Then provide 1 concrete change you would make to each one of the graphs to make it more effective (saying “No changes necessary” are unacceptable.) Let us know where you found or came across the graph. Of the 3 graphs you find, you must attach the one you think is the best one to your major comment on this forum.
You might think replies are tough here but they are not, you could focus on where you might use such information the graph provides or offer suggestions for further improvements in the graph, etc