For 196 nations, the United Nations Human Development Index countries by GDP per capita and by “human development” based on health, education, income, and many other categories.

In the alphabetical listings of all countries, locate two different countries and compare the data identified for each country.
Use the data provided to explain why each country is ranked in the different categories.

Below are instructions to help you complete this with ease. Your summary should be three to five paragraphs in length.

Go to the United Nations Human Development Index.
On the banner across the top, Click on the box, “Countries”.

This will show a listing of all countries alphabetically from A to Z.
Identify two countries and report and compare the data on these two countries.

If you locate a county that has “n/a” in many of the categories, then select a different country.

Once you have selected your first country, then click on the box, “Expand All”. There you will find data provided in all of these categories: Health, Education, Income, Inequality, Poverty, Gender, and Sustainability.
To receive full credit, you should have some interpretation of why you feel the country might be ranked this way.