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Leadership in law
This assignment will be a formal research paper.  The students will choose a topic by focussing on a specific area of leadership that was contained in the course material, a specific leader, or a world event in which leadership played a significant role in its result.  A written proposal must be submitted and approved by the instructor on the chosen topic.  This is due in class on October 7.  There is no set format for this proposal, and it is not for grading.  It is to prevent duplication of topics and to narrow the focus of the students topic to a manageable level. 
No papers submitted for other academic classes will be accepted.  No papers will be accepted one week past the due date
Materials used must be properly sourced using the APA style of referencing.  A work cited page and cover page must accompany the assignment.  The paper will be 1200-1500 words (excluding reference page and cover page), typed in Times New Roman 12 font, double-spaced and stapled in the top left-hand corner of the paper.  Papers submitted in any other form of binding or cover will not be accepted.  At least six (6) academic and peer-reviewed sources must be used. Papers are graded on several criteria, including:

Organization: identification of relevant issue, description of topic, attention to assigned task, ordered presentation, clarity, and coherence.
Documentation: proper incorporation of citations in APA format, selection of relevant and quality peer-reviewed and academic reference materials.
Discussion: comprehension reflected in appropriate use and application of concepts, illustration of themes, ideas, and analysis of research.
Quality of Expression: attention to composition and flow, format, grammar, spelling, punctuation, and clear and logical expression of ideas and thoughts.