Emergency market

Farmacias Similares: Innovating in the Mexican Healthcare Industry, p.436
1. How does this case support the definition of entrepreneurship ( identification and exploitation of previously Unexplored opportunities?
2. What factors pushed Best Laboratories to create Farmacias Similares (FS) with a new Pharmacy-Doctor business model in 1997 ?
More recently , what additional institutional-based factors promoted its diffusion from the BoP to middle and upper-class markets ?
From a resource-based view , how easy or difficult it is for competitors to offer a similar business model ?
Long enough to cover the topic completely.  (An excellent writer can probably do this in 3-5 well written pages. Average college writers may need more pages. Poor writers will hand in 2-3 pages of poorly constructed incoherent stuff that assumes the reader can read what was in the writer’s mind.)
The clue here is to write a draft. Revise the draft. Re-write the draft.  Have someone else read what you wrote and tell you what is wrong.
Read what you wrote out loud and find the missing words, the incomplete sentences, the run-on sentences and the wrong words. Only use words you know.  Using the wrong word does not make you look smarter.
Do not try to save space, or ink.  This is electronic!
ALWAYS Assume the reader does not know what you mean, so explain everything.
If you make a point, you must use facts, examples and evidence to support it.
These facts, examples and evidence should come from these articles and your text!