ENG5027 Digital Signal Processing: Plot Spectrogram

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7345ELEM Sensors and Data Analytics
Question:The coursework requires you to design and implement a connected WSN system/sub-systems that utilises an embedded microcontroller acting as node(s) controller as well as a gateway connection to other systems/sub-systems.As per the typical arrangement of WSN in Figure 1, you are require …
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Q1: Assembly calling conventions [10 marks]-    The following is a snippet of code taken from a program running on Windows 7. This code is a function that does something with strings of text.push     ebp  mov       ebp,esp mov   & …
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BIOM6640 Bioedical Optics
Task:1.Two identical Radio antenna are broadcasting at a frequency of 60MHz.each placed at (5,0 )m and (-5,0)m . The intensity at a point  ( 0, 700)m is 0.02W/m2. This point is making an angle q=0o with the y-axis. (a)Find the intensity at a point which makes q =4o with the y axis and 700m fr …
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IMAT5121 Mobile Robots
Question:The learning outcomes that are assessed by this coursework are:1. Understanding the subject specific issues relating to programming mobile robots 2. Understanding and being able to program using the basic architectures to control robots3. Understanding and being able to program to …
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