English 2370 – Reading Response 1

I am attaching all handouts needed for this assignment.  

Reading Response 1 ( Will be the assignment submited)
Foremothersfrom Infinite Divisions PLUS The Five Periods of Mexican AmericanHistory (Again, on the handout, the title is Introduction.)
Thisactivity for this week will be our very first reading response. It will not be acomposition of two pages for this first one. We have much to ferret outregarding the background and context of the Mexican American history andliterature. This guided approach works much better for us. It is very guided,but it still requires much from you to read and respond.
Wecan never study the literature of a group of people without the full awarenessand knowledge of the background and context and history of the people, places,ways of life, traditions, languages, and so much more. This weeks work canhelp us begin to focus on these details.
Answerthe following. The document will expand. Please save your work as a Worddocument and name it with your last name and Reading_Response_1  or a similar type of naming convention thatwill allow you to keep track of your submission.

There are some unusual stories in our reading listthis week. They are a little bit different because some are stories passed downorally from person to person. Sometimes those stories take on new details andeven distortions. Sometimes they are in line with historical fact but stillsound unusual to us out of context. When we reach the written tradition, thereare still circumstances abounding that reflect what is happening in the day-to-daylife of the Mexican American. It is critical that you read the introductory pages of the chapteron Foremothers. Please do not skip that important part of the readingselections. It will help you understand so much and will contribute toyour work in this activity. In some ways, it is like our lecture for thisweek.
Students: I need thorough answers that show yourunderstanding of the readings. Please make sure to develop answers fully.Please edit your work before submitting it.