For this short essay (suggested length is 2 to 3 pages), I would like you to read about the poetic form–the ghazal. You will find some information about the ghazal form in this week’s tab in folders, but you may also want to look for information about the ghazal on your own too (in which case include any sources you discover and use on a works cited page at the end of this essay). Next, take the two ghazal poems we have listed for this week–Sharon Old’s “Bruise Ghazal” and Patrica Smith’s “Hip Hop Ghazal”–to analyze and write about. Here is what you are responding to in the short essay: Explain the relationship between the poetic form of the ghazal, both poem’s language, structure, and moreover the poem’s emotive (emotional) meaning. Give quotes from both poems. Try to dig deep into the poems to really interrogate the poem’s meaning. It is recommended you watch the Ted Talk by Sharon Olds (listed in this week’s tab in a folder) and incorporate a couple of her most important ideas about poetry into your analysis of the two ghazal poems. Proofread and make sure the essay is in 12 font Times New Roman and MLA format before turning it in to the dropbox.