English- Enlightenment Period

Choose one of the peer reviewed Enlightenment articles below, or you are welcome to find one of your own. If you choose to find your own, make sure the article is OVER 5 pages long (If it is not, you must send me the link to the article for approval) and accessed from a scholarly source. 

Once you choose an article, read it and make notes. Here is what I am looking for: 

An introduction that introduces the author, the title, the essay’s primary article, and your overall impression of it. 
Summarize the essay you chose–What does the essay/article argue or explain?
How valid is the argument or explanation? Is it easy to understand? Why or why not?
How has it broadened your perspective on the topic? If it hasnt, why not? Did it confirm class discussions on the topic, or add a new angle to it?
Did you agree or disagree with its insight and why? How could you use it in research, if you had to?
Offer a conclusion that takes a side on why others should or should not explore this essay and why/why not?