English Essay

This is the paper description: “Limit your scope—to a particular theme, a specificrhetorical device, a pattern of representation, or a few interestingly linked moments—and allowyour analysis within that limited scope to shed light on the whole text suggestively.Like your first paper, this one should be driven by a central claim that can only be made bypointing to a careful analysis of the text’s parts. In other words, the claim should be somethingthat you wouldn’t exactly have thought of before doing the analysis. Organize your paragraphsand sentences so that they develop the claim continuously and cumulatively, not just giving“evidence” for the claim but also adding richness and complexity to it along the way.”The following texts can be used for analysis: Larsen, Passing (1929); Fitzgerald, The Great Gatsby (1925); Faulkner, As I Lay Dying (1930); Hemingway, “Hills Like White Elephants” (1927); Brooks, “We’re the Only Colored…” (1953); Baldwin, “Going to Meet the Man” (1965)