English essay

We will be reading texts and watching videos on diversity in popular culture in this unit.  Your task for Essay 3 is to examine the superhero genre and representation of diversity within the genre and then write an essay explain how representation impacts society, how representation of superheroes, comics, and the industry of comics has been a largely white-male dominate forum in the past and whether or not this is changing or/or why change is important.  
Here are some possible topics, although you are free to develop your own.

The sexualization of female or male superheroes and the impact on readers/viewers.
The development of superhero characters and films like Miles Morales, Miss America, Ms. Marvel, Black Panther, or Daredevil in terms of representing under-represented populations. You could choose one character and look at the comics and films to examine what it reveals about a presenting a more diverse genre.
The new move to incorporate more female superheroes.
Look at superheroes and offer comparisons of where you see pop culture attempting to be more inclusive or places here there needs to be more inclusivity.


3000 words (not including works cited)
5 outside sources.  The book has quite a few, we read a couple of them. At least 3 sources must be outside of the book. Movies do not count toward source total
Of the 5 sources, you must have 3 sources that are scholarly. Only two can be from your book. Movies do not count towards your total sources.  You can use them, but they won’t fulfill the source requirement. Use sources from reputable sites and databases, no blogs or Wikipedia.