English essay

Post your topic for essay three here.  You can choose from my suggestions or develop your own as long as it relates to representation in popular culture in some way. Remember the topic you choose will be the topic that you use for your annotated bibliography and your essay.
Essay 3 should tackle one of the topics we have touched on through the course of the semester. You should delve deeply into the topic and use at least 4 outside scholarly sources. It should be 6 full pages in length (not including Works Cited). You will not submit your annotated bibliography again. You need a Works Cited page. Anything from your textbooks counts as a scholarly source. Here are possible topics:
1. Trace the evolution of one superhero. What changes as the hero undergone since its development and how were those changes impacted by cultural and political events? (Super History would be a great source for this).
2. Consider all we have been reading about what makes a superhero. Write an essay in which you make an argument about which superhero is the most appealing. You’ll need to delve into the comics and history.
3. As we can see by what is occurring in our own culture, superheroes are popular. Explain why super heroes are so popular. Consider our own social/political events. Consider delving into phenomenon like cosplay and Comic-con as well.
4. Examine the implications of race, gender, and sexual orientation in superheroes. Research the history of “whitewashing” in Hollywood films.” Why is it important that popular culture reflects the diversity of our country.
5. Write a paper that argues that our preoccupation with superheroes is harmful or detracts from the everyday heroism of people like first responders.
Paper requirements:
6 full pages
a works cited page
5 sources 2 must be scholarly sources
MLA format
Times New Roman font 12 pt
Follow conventions for academic writing