ENTR415 Developing an Entrepreneurial Venture : Commercialization of Electric Ve

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Coupled Waveguide
 Question #1: Design a coupled waveguide system that consist of 2 waveguides as shown belowa) Design the waveguide profile (peak refractive index change n), waveguide profile (try two profile: Gaussian, step index), to make sure they are single-mode waveguide  …
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ELE3107 Signal Processing
Question:ObjectivesThe aims of this assignment are:To investigate the role of signal conditioning To design, implement and use signal processing algorithms Question 1 | 50 MarksThe audio les dial0.wav, dial1.wav, …, dial9.wav contain telephone dial (signalling) to …
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MMH624493 Power System Operation and Protection
TaskPreliminaryThe performance of a power system depends on the nature and profile of the connected load.For heavy or light loads, the voltage profile of the transmission and distribution lines is hugely affected. In many practical cases, the power system is more efficient with the use of compen …
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Question 1 Bridge circuits are very important in instumentation applications. They often form part of transucer circuits. Their main utility lies in the fact that they can measure small changes in resistance accurately. Consider the wheat stone bridge circuit in Figure 1. Figure 1: Wheatstone bridge …
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ELEC4840-Final Year Engineering Project
FINAL YEAR PROJECTEngineering ProjectCOMPARATIVE ANALYSIS ANDSIMULATION OF FANPERFORMANCE CURVESSubmitted in Partial Fulfilment of the Requirements for the Award of Bachelor ofEngineering in Mechanical EngineeringStudent Name: **** ********Student ID: ********iABSTRACTThe purpos …
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 Impedance match a complex load of ZL = 25 + j30 Ω to a 50 Ω source impedance using a two element L-C matching L-type network. Remember to perform conjugate matching for maximum power transfer.  Determine the component values if the frequency of operation is 330 MHz.  Show …
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