Equal Protection, English Language Learners, and Desegregation

Read Chapter 8 : Uploaded Document
Stader, D. (2013). Law and ethics in educational leadership (2nd ed.). Upper SaddleRiver, NJ: Pearson Education.
Provide a comprehensive writing that incorporates a response to the question(s) outlined in the scenario. The writing should:
(a) analyze the regulatory mandates and case law to respond to the potential legal problem(s), 
(b) incorporate scholarly arguments supported by academic resources to support your actions, 
(c) include the ways the case scenario illustrates the controversies over equal protection and English language learners and the legal significance for a school
(d) identify ethical dilemmas and guidelines.
Scenario : Race at Sequin —-  A parent, on behalf of herself and her son, brought a civil rights action against the school district and various school officials including new principal Neal Rodriquez alleging that her Mexican-American son had suffered physical, mental, psychological, and emotional harm due to a racially hostile educational environment at Seguin Middle School. Three incidents formed the major basis for the complaint. In one incident students had written derogatory statements about Mexicans on the hallway and restroom walls. The postings remained in place for at least two days before maintenance service removed them. In another incident a fellow student crumbled up the plaintiffs paper in social studies class and used a racial term toward her son. The third incident occurred in the school cafeteria where another student hit the plaintiff in the back of the head approximately twelve times and told him he was not being a good Mexican.
Question: What are the superintendent’s best actions and what court cases and statutes are most applicable to address this situation?