This homework assignment is dedicated to your Research Paper for this course!  Ive looked at my files and given this a lot of thought, so that I can offer you some ideas for the paper.  For example, you could examine Second Language Acquisition theories, maybe one of them in more depth, and how that SLA theory will be important in an ESL course; you could compare and contrast several language teaching methods and how they can be used in an ESL classroom; you could study ESL and students with special needs, be it learning disabilities, or mental or emotional problems; another idea is to examine bilingualism and multiculturalism, with special emphasis on ESL and the ESL classroom; also, you could start looking into any of the concepts that you see in any chapter of our book, if you look for highlights that jump out with interest to you, perhaps certain techniques or activities that are popular to use when teaching an ESL lesson.
Once you have decided upon your topic, please go ahead and begin to research it.  This assignment is also to work on your bibliography, and please follow either the MLA or APA format.  Here, you will submit your topic (please write it in the form of a sentence or two) and the beginning of your bibliography (you will need to quote at least three sources for this research paper; I would like to see two sources on this, the beginning of your bibliography).
Many thanks!