Choose an item, activity, or event that replaced something old. For example, the smart phone replaced the landline, and yoga replaced stretching. Read at least 1 article that discusses the benefits and consequences of the new item, activity, or event. With this additional knowledge, explain your response to article as well as your opinion about your chosen controversy and reasoning for your opinions.
Requirements✓ About the article◦ Background—the description of the old activity, item, or event and how it was replaced◦ Description—detailed physical description, use, and introduction of the new✓ Thesis—an identification of the reader’s opinion and if it differs from the author’s opinion.◦ Summary—a summary the primary article and the key ideas and evidence used to explain the author’s position.✓ Your Opinion◦ Influence—an explanation of how the new influenced society◦ Benefits or Consequences—an explanation of what is good or bad about the item, activity, or event◦ Reasons—provide your rationale✓ Opposing view—an explanation of why someone might disagreement✓ Conclusion—explain what the reader should do with this informationFormat:Write a three-to-five-page essay (in 12 pt) on one of the works listed below. As always, first read the work closely. Then, make a claim about some aspect(s) of the text that you found significant. Again, while there is no single “correct” reading of a text according to this theory, readings are constrained by the text itself and by the consensus of other readers; you will need to support your arguments. (Do not refer to outside sources, however). Since you will need to quote from the work in order to present evidence, refer to MLA guidelines for citation and Works Cited format.