● Length: 1500-2000 words approx 6-8 pages double spaced
● Required number of citations minimum: at least 24 footnotes should be used in your paper.
Include your bibliography at the end. You may have more than the required number.
● Please submit before 11:59 on the assigned due date to my Canvas inbox
● You must present me with your Outline/Structure for your Biographical essay check course
syllabus for dates for individual consultations. This must be approved by me before you
can submit the biographical essay for submission (Weeks 4 &5)
● You are not permitted to use any outside sources for this paper. You may refer to any
lecture notes on Sikh history and Maharaja Ranjit Singh, but you cannot use any other
internet sources or books. Please bear this in mind that you will receive a zero if you use
any other sources other than the book or my lecture notes
● It is imperative that you obtain a copy of this book as soon as possible and create a
reading schedule for yourself. You have many other commitments so plan ahead and
become organized for your success!
● You need to create a schedule for yourself for reading and note taking. Depending on
your course and work schedule, plan how much time you want to spend reading and how
many pages you want to get through a day/week? You should not attempt to leave this
until last minute
● You will want to take notes and record the page numbers so you can easily reference
these in your biographical essay
● Begin by creating an outline for your structure, below I will provide you with a template
for a biographical essay (see below)
● All citations must be CMS style for your final submission