Essay French Revolution & Napoleonic Empire

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Answer all of the questions in essay format. E. G. Multiple paragraphs.  Have an introduction, body and conclusion.
APA Style required.
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Utilize the required resources such as the PPT notes, textbook and other resources provided in the modules.  Use the French Revolution and Napoleonic Empire essay worksheet  Download French Revolution and Napoleonic Empire essay worksheetin gathering and organizing the information for your essay.
Must have direct quotes with proper in-text citations. While you may use outside resources, they must be reliable and not in lieu of the required resources.
References page must include the textbook, PPT notes and other required resources (refer to Ch. 22 Module 8:  Learning Resources).
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Discuss the French Revolution.

What were the causes of the French Revolution?  
Who were the major figures and groups of the Revolution?  Discuss importance.  
Could the monarchy have been saved, or was a republic inevitable? Explain.  
Why did the French Revolution become more radical?
How did the Revolution impact the rest of the world?

Discuss the Terror.

What was the “Reign of Terror”?
What was the “Great Terror”?  
Was the “Reign of Terror” justified?  Why or Why Not?  
What ends the Terror?  

Discuss the French Empire under Napoleon.  

Who was Napoleon Bonaparte? 
How and why did the Napoleonic Empire emerge?  
What effect did the Napoleonic Empire have upon the world?  
How did Napoleon transform France and the world?  

What is the Legacy of the French Revolution and Napoleonic France?