Essay – Literary Analysis of Kindred

Write a four-to-six-page literary analysis essay on one topic from the list below. A literary analysis asserts an interpretation of a literary work and supports that interpretation with analysis of specific examples and details from the text of the literary work.


Dana says of Rufus’ father Tom Weylin, “[He] wasn’t the monster he could have been with the power he held over his slaves. He wasn’t a monster at all. Just an ordinary man who sometimes did the monstrous things his society said were legal and proper” (134). Evaluate Dana’s assessment with regard to specific examples from the book.

Your essay

Should contain a clear thesis statement asserting your view, evaluation, or interpretation of a narrowly defined, focused aspect of your topic.
Should abide by the conventions of writing about literature (e.g. use the present tense to describe fictional events and avoid attributing motive to the author).
Should draw on detailed, concrete, specific evidence from the text of Kindred, including a few direct quotes. Be sure to include in-text citations following direct quotations and specific text references. Example: Right before Dana time travels for the first time, she feels “dizzy, nauseated. The room seemed to blur and darken around [her]” (Butler 13).
You need to define an arguable thesis in response to the prompt and to collect multiple specific examples that you can analyze in support of your thesis.
May include research material, as long as you cite your sources properly. However, you are not required to use research, and your evidence should consist primarily of your own analysis of the text.
Should be formatted in MLA style and should include an MLA style Works Cited page.