Ethical discussion

Answer 1 of the 2 questions. I prefer #2
1. Keeping the information from this week’s reading in mind, suppose you had to make the following decision: You are forced to choose between saving the life of your 5 year-old beloved miniature poodle that you have had since he was a puppy, or an adult male in his late 30s that you have never meet, and whom you know nothing about.  You can only save one. Who would you save and why? What would you say to someone who argued you are making an immoral decision? What would you think of someone who choose differently than you did?
2.You are at your friend Max’s house eating pizza, and Max gets into an argument with your other friend Casey. Max is eating pepperoni pizza and Casey says it is wrong to eat meat. Max argues that the animal that had to die for his pizza was already dead anyway, and hence, it would be completely pointless and “all for show” if he was to refuse to eat pepperoni. Who do you think is closer to getting things ethically right, Casey or Max? Defend the friend you believe is right against the other, disagreeing, friend. What would you say to try to convince the other friend that they are in the ethical wrong?