ethnic group

(pages 25-41) from ProtestArte for the students’ convenience.  It is expected in this week 2 for all students enrolled in this class to have obtained the textbooks.
1. Read pages 25-41 (Chapter 1) from Francisco Carlos Jackson Protest Arte
2. Select and type five topics/ideas that impress/intrigue you from the reading. 
3. Summarize/define each topic/idea.
4.  Discuss why it intrigues you.
5.  Write a minimum 75-word response for each chosen topic.
6. Type Responses in the Text box (total 375 words) or attach files as pdf, doc, and Docx. Please number the topics 1 to 5 and double space between topics.
7. Submit the assignment in canvas by 11:59 pm on Friday, June 18.