Examine ethical values and principles inherent in healthcare.

Course Objectives:• CLO #1: Examine ethical values and principles inherent in healthcare.• CLO #2: Appraise legal requirements for healthcare organizations.• CLO #3: Analyze elements of tort law, malpractice, and risk management in healthcare.• CLO #4: Analyze ethical and legal elements of employee and labor management.Assignment Prompt: Research the concept of tort reform.Instructions: Write a 3-4 page paper where you examine the concept of tort reform. Examine the effects of tort reform across the United States and explain whether or not tort reforms laws have been successful. Take a stance on whether or not you agree with tort reform and defend your stance.Competencies Assessed:1. Businessa. Laws and Regulations2. Professional and Social Responsibilitya. Ethical Conduct and Social ConsciousnessYour submission should be well formatted in APA 7th edition style. Be sure to proofread your work and review the rubric before final submission.