Excel LAB: Descriptive Statistics

 Descriptive Statistics
The most important part of statistics is accurately and effectively communicating the results of a study. For this lab, you will be conducting a statistical study of your choosing and reporting out your results.
Lab Procedure:

Think of a topic or question that you’re interested in exploring further that can be studied through data.

It is recommended, but not required, that you pick a topic in your field of study.

Find a source for your data (or use one of the suggested data source sites listed below).

The data must be quantitative and ratio-level (See Chapter 1, section 2).
You will need between 30 – 60 data values.
You will need to provide a direct link to the source of the data.

Using Excel, perform the following statistical analyses:

Calculate the relevant and necessary descriptive statistics (See Chapter 3, page 102)
Use Excel to generate a frequency histogram (See Chapter 2, pages 56-59)

It should be accurate, with the proper number of classes
All axes should be properly labeled
See Canvas resources for examples of properly formatted histograms.

Write a report that is suitable to be published in a student newspaper or online news site.

The report should be 2 – 4 paragraphs in lengthExcel Example Download Excel ExampleEXCEL Lab Report Example Download EXCEL Lab Report Example

The audience for your article should be the general public. This is an exercise in creating authentic and professional work,

Not just outlining steps you did for an assignment. Write this as it was assigned to you by a supervisor at a new job, not an instructor in a stat class.
As shown in the sample report, yours should include an introduction/background, statistical analysis (both in words and with graphics), and a conclusion based on the analysis.
Your written report should include both a frequency distribution table and the frequency histogram that you created using your data in Excel. (See sample report)

These figures should be titled, formatted, and appropriately sized (see sample report)

Please review the Excel Lab Scoring rubric for additional expectationsMAT308 Excel Lab Scoring Rubric
To submit, you will upload two files to the Canvas assignment link.

The Excel file needs to be uploaded as an actual Excel file (.xls or .xlsx, NOT a PDF)
The written report should be submitted as a .PDF file. For help converting a word document to a PDF, use Google.

Excel Tutorial Videos:

Excel Tutorial: Excel Basics (Links to an external site.)
Excel Tutorial: Histograms (Links to an external site.)
Excel Tutorial: Pie Charts (Links to an external site.)
Excel Tutorial: Frequency Histogram (Links to an external site.)
Excel Tutorial: Measures of Central Tendency (Links to an external site.)
Excel Tutorial: Standard Deviation (Links to an external site.)

Links to Sample Data Sites (Not required to choose one of these):

Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (Links to an external site.)
World Health Organization (Links to an external site.)
Kaggle (Links to an external site.)
Bureau of Labor Statistics (Links to an external site.)
Bureau of Economic Analysis (Links to an external site.)
U.S. Census Bureau (Links to an external site.)
U.S. Small Business Data (Links to an external site.)
Fed Reserve Economic Data