Executive Summary – this should include a summary of the – Order Paper from Assignment Pros

Executive Summary– this should include a summary of the problem/opportunity, your solution to it, how much it will cost, how much new revenue it will generate, other benefits to the customerDescription of Organization – this section should contain…name, profit or nonprofit, what do they do, what industry are they in?Overview of vision/mission– if they don’t have them, develop ones for them. Should they be changed/improved?What is the problem or opportunity?Analysis – put together the critical information you need to know before you make recommendations– Internal (resources, capabilities, core competencies, competitive advantage etc.)– External (macro environment, industry, competition, customer)– Put it all together in a SWOT– Value proposition (how your organization is uniquely qualified to address the opportunity)Target market description– Who is the current target market, what other markets might they pursue?Marketing Program – this is where you describe, using the 4 p’s, your solution to the problem/opportunityHow you will implement your solution – be sure to include how you will evaluate and control the implementation rolloutBusiness Case– costs of solution and projected new revenues, other qualitative benefits to customer

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