Exemplify A Marine Food Web And A Food Chain From Two Real Marine Ecosystems And Describe Their Differences And Commonalities.

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Exemplify a marine food web and a food chain from two real marine ecosystems and describe their differences and commonalities.
) Please briefly describe five (5) of the following key words (25 pts.): Objective crisis Subjective crisis Crisis community New commonsense Economic nationalism Planetary health Transnational activism Ecosystem services Anthropocene – Ecology of disease 2) Please discuss three approaches that interpret the “ecological crisis” (minimalist, balanced, comprehensive approaches). Which one do you think explains the current ecological crisis better? (15 pts.) 3) How do the positions of deniers and alarmists on the climate change differ? What are the reasons of polarization between them? (15 pts.) 4) Please briefly describe the rights-based framework in which a moral demand becomes a legal norm. What are the problems of applying the rights-based framework on environmental politics? (15 pts.) 5) Please briefly explain your presentation based on the following questions: – What is the topic of your presentation? (10 pts.) – How did you contribute to your presentation? (10 pts.) – What are the strengths and weaknesses of your presentation? How would you make your presentation better? (10 pts.)
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