exhibition review

This fall, Palmer Museum of Art is hosting an exhibition “Global Asias: Contemporary Asian and Asian American Art from the Collections of Jordan D. Schnitzer and His Family Foundation” (August 28, 2021–December 12, 2021). You will write a short review of this show. More information and guiding questions will be provided as the deadline approaches.




1. I want you to read this short review:

When reading, I want you to think about:

a. What do you expect when you’re reading an exhibition review? Does this example provide enough information to your satisfaction?

b. What is the thesis/main point of this review?

c. How does the author support that thesis?

d. What does the author think about the installation (display) of the show? Do you think the author is engaging with the show critically?

If you think reading more examples would be helpful for you to answer these questions, I suggest https://hyperallergic.com/541723/renovated-seattle-asian-art-museum-reopens/.

the palmer mususem contains multiple themes. you should focus only on this theme:

Global Asias: Contemporary Asian and Asian American Art from the Collections of Jordan D. Schnitzer and His Family Foundation

Guiding Questions:What is the overarching theme of the exhibition? What is its argument/thesis?Does the show have smaller themes? If so, how are they arranged in the exhibition space? Is the spatial organization of the show effective? Why or why not? Choose and describe a work that engaged you the most. What do you find the most interesting about the work, visually and thematically? Does the work fit well to the theme of the exhibition and its section? Why or why not? What is your “verdict” on the show? Support your assessment with analysis and evidence.