Explain why the strategy or conversation you described might be effective.

It is the role of helping professionals to offer insights to clients that help them make positive decisions (American Counseling Association, 2014). The help provided must observe the dignity and respect of the clients. As the helping professional, I would help Josiah make informed and positive decisions regarding sex through educating him on the dangers of getting involved in sex with multiple partners without caution. With plenty of material for reference, I will help guide him on the context of sexual issues; it is necessary to understand that many teenagers and youths have limited information concerning sexual activities. Coupled with the habitual drinking with friends, Josiah stands to make poor decisions when it comes to sexual activities. I will help Josiah comprehend the necessity of having limits when it comes to sexual activities. Many infections result from unprotected sex. To protect from such conditions, using contraceptives such as condoms is necessary.