Faerie queene or Green Knight

As the star reporter for either The Gloriana Gazette (if writing about The Faerie Queene) or The
Camelot Courier (if writing about Sir Gawain and the Green Knight), you need to interview one
of the characters found in either The Faerie Queene or SGGK. You may choose to interview a
character immediately after an important event has occurred (for instance, you could interview
Gawain after he lobs off the Green Knight’s head). Alternatively, you may decide to do a more
formal sit-down type of interview in which you discuss several key moments in their “lives” (e.g.
important moments from the text – focus on no more than three). Through your probing
questions, the character’s answers, and your responses and follow-up questions to their answers,
your readers will gain insight into the character being interviewed, the events he or she discusses,
and the other characters involved in these events. Your interview, in essence, will offer a close
reading of this character, the characters he or she mentions, and the events recounted. Try to
weave some of the thematic elements into your essay. Make sure to be faithful to the events in
the story and to the order in which they occur. For example, you would not want to claim that
Una arrives at the Castle of Pride to see RCK partaking in the parade. However, you may wish
to fill in missing moments in the work if warranted (For instance, you could ask Duessa what she
thought when the RCK abruptly departed from Lucifera’s castle, leaving her alone).
Begin your interview by setting the scene (example: “We are here with Morgan le Fay at
Bertilak’s manor” …..” or “I met Archimago recently at his hermitage in the Wandering
Wood….” ). Be specific and accurate, taking care not to place your character in a place they
could not possible be at this moment in the work. Then, provide a transcript of your interview.
You will include your questions, the interviewee’s responses, and your comments or follow-up
questions. You also might want to provide details about the interviewee’s behavior during the
interview (for example, “Bertilak’s lady looked anxiously towards the bedroom door.”) In these
types of transcripts, the interviewer usually goes by the name of his or her paper, which you can
abbreviate (e.g. GG for Gloriana Gazette). When you refer to a moment taken from the text, you
should cite it parenthetically. When you do, provide fit.lines parenthetically (for SGGK) or
Book.Canto.Stanza Number.lines (for The Faerie Queene). If you choose to focus on one scene
(for example, RCK’s encounter with Error), you may drop a footnote providing the relevant
citation information instead of providing parenthetical citations. At times, you may wish to
quote directly (a good paper will include at least one quote). Be sure to cite parenthetically when
you quote directly. Since you are a professional writer, be sure to employ a lively style while
adhering to grammatical conventions. Provide a title for your interview as well, which follows
this format: TITLE: An interview with NAME OF CHARACTER. Example from a student
paper: “Pride – The Deadliest Sin: An Interview with Lucifera”
English 2121
Paper Guidelines
Students should use MLA style documentation for their paper (double-spaced; Times New
Roman 12 font; header and title on first page; last name and page number on subsequent pages;
works cited for text used – see Purdue OWL or your comp handbook for how to cite a work in an
anthology). Word Count – 1,200-1,500 words (4-5 pages, excluding works cited).