Far-Right Extremism in the United States

Far-RightExtremism in the United States 
For this assignment, you’ll need to interactwith/watch  the following prompts (see links and embedded mediabelow)and write an essay response to it.
MEDIA PROMPTS (please use the number/title in writingyour essay):
#1: “Framing Devices in the CapitolTakeover” by Blu Buchanan (they/them)

#2: “Across the Internet, A Game of Whack-a-MoleIs Underway to Root Out Extremism” by Ailisa Chang (NPR News)
#3: “The Evolution of All-AmericanTerrorism” by Stan Alcorn, Darren Ankrom, Priska Neely and DavidNeiwert (Reveal Podcast)
Please begin the podcast at the 1:45 mark (fullytranscript also available below the audio controls): 
ESSAY PROMPTS: Each of the number topic 1-3 will be 2paragraphs. 1 page per topic.
Please write a substantive 2-paragraph, double-spacedessay (it should be about one full page) that follows the following format:
Paragraph 1: summarize the media prompts that you engagedwith (both generally and with specific quotes/references)
Paragraph 2: connect the substance of the prompt(s) toour class content, making specific references to terms, concepts, and theoriesthat we have covered in class. I will be grading based on your use orappropriate terms, concepts, and theories from class to analyze thepresentation.  Below are terms and theories from the class.
Social institute, functionalism, conflict theory,symbolic interactionism, social, construction, social structure, microsociology,macrosociology, inductive approach, correlation, dependent/independentvariable, operationalization, validity, surveys, culture, norms, values,reflection theory, media, families, role conflict, status, roles, gender roles,large group, social network, organizations, gender inequality, class.
No sources needed.