Essay Description:


Prewriting: Classification and Division

A prewriting
assignment that enables you to develop and organize the content for the
classification and division essay.


Graphic organizer or

3 introductory statements,
including a thesis statement.
3 categories , each one
broken down into a sketch of a paragraph with a topic sentence and three
unique , descriptive characteristics.


Prewriting Instructions

For your
classification and division prewriting, you’ll choose one of the assigned
topics and write an outline or graphic organizer to plan and develop your ideas
and to help you draft your essay.

This assignment is a
persuasive assignment. Your thesis statement must present a debatable claim
(argument) about your categories.

Remember, your goal
is to persuade your reader to agree with the argument expressed in the thesis
statement. Your characteristics will have to support this argument. Since
characteristics are defining qualities, they should be unique to each category.

You don’t need to
use text boxes or create flowcharts for your exam. Refer to the sample graphic
organizer included in these exam instructions and type your work in a
word-processed document.


Topic: Fashion


The prewriting instructions
include an example of the type of graphic organizer or informal outline
you are required to submit for this exam. Don’t use textboxes or lines to
create your graphic organizer.



Title: “The Language of Junk Food
Addiction: How to ‘Read’ a Potato Chip”


Topic: A Potato Chip
Thesis: The potato chip is
engineered to captivate people’s taste buds.

Body: Elements of Appeal

Category/Paragraph 1: The salt makes people
crave potato chips.

Characteristic 1: Salt first
mixes with saliva, and drives people to eat and overeat.
Characteristic 2: Affects the
pleasure center of the brain with a “flavor burst”
Characteristic 3: Different
varieties of salt for different types of processed food

Category/Paragraph 2: The fat in a potato
chip has an addictive “mouthfeel.”

Characteristic 1: Fat is a
feeling, “mouthfeel”
Characteristic 2: Also
affects the pleasure center of the brain
Characteristic 3: Saturated
fats linked to heart disease and obesity

Category/Paragraph 3: The sugar (potato
starch) in a potato chip captivates people’s taste buds.

Characteristic 1: Potato
starch gets converted to sugar when a chip is eaten.
Characteristic 2: Foods can
be too sweet so we stop eating.
Characteristic 3: The “Bliss
point” is the optimal amount of sugar.

And so on..


For your Classification and
Division Prewriting you’ll submit your outline or graphic organizer. You
will not submit a draft of your essay at this point.


The format

– Times New Roman,
12, pt font.

– 1-inch margins on
all sides

– Double-line

– Header with your
name, ID number, exam number, street address, and email address





Skill Realized



Skill Developing



Skill Emerging



Skill Not Shown



Ideas and Content:


The writer chose
one of the assigned topics.


The writer
included all the required introductory information: a topic, background
statement, and thesis statement.


The thesis
statement makes a claim or takes a position on the topic.


The writer
included at least 3 main points on the topic, with at least three supporting
elements for each. The main points connect clearly to and support the thesis


The writer’s
conclusion reinforced the thesis











The writer used an
outline or graphic organizer format for this exam.


The writer
arranges the main points in a logical order to suit the claim made in the
thesis statement.


The supporting
elements provided for each main point are relevant and adequately illustrate
the classification and/or division pattern of development for the chosen











The writer used
the required font, line spacing, and margins.


The writer
included the required information in the header at the top of the paper.