Fiction analysis essay

GIRL by Jamaica Kincaid 
Eleven by Sandra Cisneros 
Orientation by Daniel Orozco
Using a short story from the assignments you’ve worked through this week, write a Literary Analysis Essay that allows your critical thinking and understanding of fiction to be known and valued.  In your interpretation, demonstrate your understanding of at least three concepts from Reading and Analyzing Literature in this weeks Module.
Take time to evaluate your choices, and once you decide on the short story you will use, read it many times. Keep our slow reading, close reading, and how to read a short story in mind. Use the questions to help you gain personal interpretation as you merge self-trust with evidence.
In addition, you will be using literary criticism in your paper.  Two reliable sources are required.  These sources should provide further analysis and insight in to the short story you’ve chosen.  Keep in mind, areas about gender, race, history, culture, or other elements such as these can be incredibly insightful.
MLA Format, in-text citations, and Works Cited are all required.  Your paper needs to be, at minimum, 500 words of analysis. Think critically and delve beyond the surface. Use direct quotes from the short story and the literary criticism to support your focus and purpose.