Final Paper for art history

Directions:  PLEASE READ.
Choose one of the following readings from the list “Readings for Discussion”:  William Morris, Adolf Loos, Laszlo Moholy-Nagy, Paul Rand, Rick Poyner. You may refer to the Saki Mafundikwa reading, but there must be one reading from the above list ALSO INCLUDED. Use the reading as an interpretative lens to help you discuss 1-2 works of graphic design. You may choose any work from the Power Points, Meggs textbook, or the Moodle section labeled “Contemporary Designers.” No other research is necessary nor encouraged. First, discuss the design/s in detail (formal analysis), then use the reading as a support for your thesis. You do not have to agree with the reading, but you must refer to it so that reader well understands its import. Paraphrase the ideas in the reading. Use quotations only for special phrasings that you could not say better. Do NOT just drop in quotes. Cite your text with a footnote or bibliographic reference at the end.
Your essay must include:
1. a title
2. a thesis and an argument (what you wish to prove)
3. 1-2 works of graphic design
4. a supporting text  chosen from above
5. a conclusion that concludes
6. a footnote or bibliographic reference. See file for how to do this.
Avoid over-generalized introductions or statements.  
Length: a full 5-6 pages, 1800 word minimum. 
Images are not needed if they are from the Power Points or text. If including an image, do NOT embed images in the text. WordDocs only.
Double space text and indent 5 spaces for each new paragraph.
Use a readable 12 point font with serifs, please. 
Do NOT triple space between paragraphs.