Final Self Reflection Paper

Select three chapters (CHAPTER 7 LISTENING; RECIEVING AND RESPONDING, CHAPTER 8 EMOTIONS, CHAPTER 9 DYNAMICS OF INTERPERSONAL RELATIONSHIPS) from the course that have been most meaningful/applicable to you (any three you want). In 3-4 double-spaced pages (not including cover page or reference page), explain why these particular chapters are meaningful/useful, what you have learned, and how you will actually put concepts from these chapters into practice. The paper should be organized in the following manner:
Cover page (the same format as your previous papers APA)
Brief introduction with explicit thesis statement (one which previews the three chapters)
Body paragraphs; for each chapter you selected, answer the following:
Which chapter did you select and why?( chapter 7 b/c I learned to simply become a better listener I’m a poor listener. In chapter 8 I learned to explore the four domains of emotional intelligence. Chapter 9 was my favorite learned the stages of relational development.
What are some of the key ideas of the chapter? Be sure to explain/summarize any models/theories/concepts you reference (for example, if Gibb’s strategies or Chapman’s love languages were meaningful to you, tell us what they are). This should not be a summary of the entire chapter, but rather a reflection of its overarching ideas/major takeaways from your perspective.
How will you actually implement/put to use what you have learned in this chapter within your relationships (or if you have already, what have you done)?
Conclusion (this should reinforce the key ideas of your paper and close with an impactful final statement)
Reference page (any concepts/chapters mentioned throughout should be cited in APA format). For example, if learning about emotional intelligence (EQ) was meaningful to you, you should be citing Daniel Goleman since you are using his ideas. If you are citing the chapter in general, just be sure the textbook chapter is cited on the reference page.
I have power points for each chapter I will try my best to see if I could attach them as a file.