Finance Law Paper

This paper is a research paper on (mostly) recent finance cases and the Supreme Court.  The object of the paper is for students to see and learn what is happening in the real world with regards to finance law.  The paper should be written in paragraph form (Double spaced, Times New Roman font, Justified alignment) and is typically 7-10 pages.  The paper should have an introduction and conclusion paragraph.  The 9 body paragraphs should include the following on each Supreme Court case:

Reasoning why the case came to the Supreme Court
Vote and decision by the court
Brief opinion of the court and which justice wrote it
Any dissent that differed from the opinion

The 9 cases are as follows: Seila Law v CFPB, Thole v U.S. Bank N.A., Goldman Sachs v Arkansas Teachers Retirement System, Bank of America Corp v City of Miami, Salman v U.S., Jones v Harris Associates, TransUnion v Ramirez, City of Chicago v Fulton and Liu v SEC. 
Grading is based upon 10 points for each body paragraph and 10 points for a property introduction and conclusion.  Information should be gathered from Scotus blog.  The website is as follows: .  Do not plagiarize and please write in your own words.  Use the opinion analysis on each case to help you understand the cases and write your body paragraphs.